Career Guidance Cell

This committee is formed to provide assist the students in selecting right profession for them through vocational guidance. Personal counselling sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced counsellors to resolve the students’ issues related to choosing the right career path, building confidence, clearing self-doubt etc. The counsellors will provide vocational guidance to them based on the analysis of their personality, talent and interests. The cell provides a platform for students to realize and pursue their professional and personal goals with greater level of awareness and understanding. The committee aims to share details related to various career options open for students along with the emergence of newer opportunities to clear their dilemma regarding their professions and to divert their attention towards the availability of newer career options in the rapidly changing world. This cell intends to help the students to establish a linkage with the world of work and local career opportunities in the highly competitive professional domain.


·       To provide information about current job awareness

·       To help students build confidence regarding their potential and knowledge through vocational training

·       To clarify their doubts related to the right career options

·       To inform them about the newer career opportunities available for better sustenance in the fast growing and changing world


Chairman: Dr. Dhimen Jani


Mr. Nirav Desai

Dr. Riddhima Desai

Dr. Rakesh Mistry