Discipline Cell

The aim of the Discipline committee is the ensure compliance with the provisions of UGC Regulations on curbing the menace and in-disciplinary behaviour in the campus. The committee aims at creating awareness against and to prevent any such mishap taking place in the college campus by monitoring the campus from time to time. With the view to pursue the prevalence of healthy environment in the campus, the committee makes sure to regulate discipline amongst the students. The committee will inflict the penalties on any student found indulging into any such activity. To develop high moral ethics in students, the committee strives hard to bring core human values in the process by focusing not only on imparting quality education to ensure better life style for students but also to ensure that the students are well disciplined by posing strict rules and regulations for students to be followed.



·       To create safe and motivating environment in college

·       To frame rules and regulations to maintain and enforce strict discipline in the college premises

·       To take necessary action in condition of violation of any disciplinary rules by any student

·       To encourage high moral values and bring professionalism among students by inculcating best behavioural practices


Chairman: Mr. Manish Dodia


1.     Mr. Bhavin Patel

2.     Dr. Mayank Patel

3.     Mrs. Gira Desai