Student Council

A Student Council is an umbrella body for all the activities and committees of students on campus. Through this representative structure, students can get an opportunity to involve in the various activities and affairs of the college in collaboration with the staff and the management for the overall development of the college. Involvement in Student Council provides an opportunity to students to acquire various soft skills like communication, team work, leadership, management skills which will be beneficial to them in their future professional lives as well. It gives them a sense of responsibility for various ongoing projects and activities and for their successful completion. The Student Council helps students to work as a team in the direction of enhancing the image of the college, in enriching the campus experience of the students and in building a unity among students from different social stratum. The Student Council is responsible for the smooth functioning of all campus events and to plan and conduct various functions and activities to hone various skills of the students to prepare them for future life.


·       To bridge the gap between the students and the management

·       To address all grievances and complaints at the first level in order to ensure the smooth functioning at all levels

·       To improve the campus experience of the students by ensuring proper maintenance of the infrastructure and other facilities

·       To build up the brand image of the institution

·       To encourage the academic, professional and personal development of the students individually and as a group, in order to achieve overall excellence

·       To assist in all activities on campus in order to achieve a positive and encouraging atmosphere

To encourage students to work as a team towards achieving a better work environment and create a sense of responsibility in them


Last updated in Year 2019-20




President: Dr. Reena Desai


Vice-President: Dr. Snehal K. Joshi

Finance and Welfare Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Reena Desai

Co-chairman: Dr. Urvashi Desai

Social and Cultural Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Krishpa Shah

Co-chairman: Dr. Premal Shah

Magazine Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Yatin Solanki

Co-chairman: Dr. Mitul Dhimar

Educational Tour Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Mehul Tithalia

Co-chairman: Mrs. Akruti Naik

Gymkhana Committee:

Chairman: Mr. Bhavin Patel

Co-chairman: Dr. Darshna Rajput

Literature Debate and Elocution Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Hetal Panchal

Co-chairman: Dr. Rachna Shukla

Forum Planning Committee:

Chairman: Dr. Dhimen Jani

Co-chairman: Dr. Dhaval Vyas