Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences And Dhiru-Sarla Institute of Management & Commerce is managed by Shree Nootan Kelavani Mandal. The mandal is ever solicitous in taking initiatives to launch novel courses as per the national and international professional requirements that will benefit the students of Valsad as well as surrounding rural belt and help the society to grow.

Justifying the saying "Charity begins at home", then President of the mandal late Shri Kantibhai R. Desai, Mora Bhagda, donated generously in 1999 to start "Shri Ambhura Microbiology Centre" in the loving memory of his beloved parents Late Shri Ranchhodji alias Bhurabhai Desai and Late Smt. Ambaben R. Desai. Graduate programme in Microbiology is offered in "Shri Ambhura Microbiology Centre".

Later part of nineteenth century is marked as techno¬gadget age of wonder gadget computer. Since then the mankind had never looked back in the field of artificial intelligence. In pace of such technological revolution India was never behind with its contribution. Considering this and the time to come ahead, the mandal thought it an urgent need of the hour to start courses in computer science. Responding promptly to the quest of the mandal to start computer science course and appeal for donation, Shri Samirbhai T. Desai - Hanuman Bhagda (USA) donated lion heartedly in 1999 to start "Shri Thakorbhai-Smt. Lilavatiben B.Sc. - Computer Centre" in the fond memory of his parents Late Shri Thakorbhai R. Desai and Late Smt. Lilavatiben T. Desai. Graduate programme in Computer Science is offered in "Shri Thakorbhai - Smt. Lilavatiben B.Sc. - Computer Centre."

Smt. Binduben S. Desai and Smt. Jayshreeben D. Naik donated generously in 1999 to start "Vibhavana B.C.A. Centre", in the fond memory of their beloved parents Late Shri Nanubhai R. Desai & Smt. Vinaben N. Desai - Mora Bhagda and maternal parents Late Shri Bhimbhai R. Desai & Late Smt. Vajiaben B. Desai - Chharvada. A very popular professional graduate programme in Computer Application is offered in "Vibhavna B.C.A. Centre".

Late Shri Dolatbhai R. Desai - Mora Bhagda (USA) and his family - Smt. Ushaben, Dr. Sunny & Dr. Ruhi and Mr. Budy & Mrs. Ritu donated handsome amount to start "Amba-Bhura P.G.D.M.L.T. Centre." A one year post graduate diploma programme in Medical Laboratory Technology is offered in "Amba-Bhura P.G.D.M.L.T. Centre".

Since inception in 1999-2000 till 2005-2006 these courses were associated with B.K.M. Science College. In appreciation of huge donation made earlier by late Shri Dolatbhai R. Desai -Mora Bhagda (USA) and his family - Smt. Ushaben, Dr. Suny & Dr. Ruhi and Mr. Budy & Mrs. Ritu, the institute was formed and named as Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences in 2006-2007 where these courses were relocated.

Dr. Saurabh D. Desai - Mora Bhagda (USA) donated generously in 2008 to start "Dhiru - Sarla B.B.A. Centre" in the loving memory of his parents Late Shri Dhirubhai R. Desai and Late Smt. Sarlaben D. Desai. Graduate programme in Business Administration is offered in "Dhiru-Sarla B.B.A. Centre". In 2008-2009 the institute was renamed as Dolat-Usha Institute of Applied Sciences And Dhiru-Sarla Institute of Management & Commerce.

Late Shri Kantibhai R. Desai and Smt. Mamtaben K. Desai, Mora Bhagda and their family - Dr. Chetan Desai, Ms. Riva Desai, Ms. Rashi Vora & Mr. Dev Pandya (USA) donated immensely in 2014 for "Smt. Mamta Kanti Desai B.Sc. Chemistry Centre". Graduate programme in Chemistry is offered in this centre.

Smt. Suvarna S. Desai, Dr. Vivek S. Desai & Dr. Vikas S. Desai, Mora Bhagda (USA) made a marvelous donation in 2014 to start "Smt. Suvarna Sumant Desai M.Sc.-Microbiology Centre", where masters programme in Microbilogy is offered.

Shri Kishanbhai B. Desai and Shri Arjunbhai B. Desai (Desai Construction), Valsad donated humbly in 2015 for "Smt. Jyoti Arjun Desai Management Centre".

Revered Shri Kantibhai R. Desai was the positive energy to magnetize generous donations from all these esteemed donors.

In order to provide quality education the management is always enthusiastic to facilitate the students with top class laboratories, enriched library with books, journals, periodicals and news papers, broad-band internet, generator, airy class rooms with LCD, CCTV, public address system and other amenities in the institute. Well qualified and students friendly faculties and other staff are the asset of the institute.

When the Institute was formed in 2006-2007, 322 (196 girls & 126 boys) students were studying. The students strength has grown excellently since 2006-2007 and 1133 (735 girls & 398 boys) students were studying in the Institute in 2016-2017.

The institute is located in 65 acres of eco-friendly environment near Tithal sea-shore, in close vicinity of Bus-Depot & Railway Station.